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Artificial Intelligence in Education (60 hours accredited training)

April 12 @ 14:30 - July 12 @ 14:30


This course is for you if you:

– want to stay up-to-date with current knowledge,

– don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you lack competitive knowledge,

– wish to shorten the preparation time and automate processes in teaching wherever possible,

– are interested in a new method based on new technology,

– want your students to have competitive knowledge,

– don’t want to fall behind,

– enjoy solving creative tasks,

– are keen to learn about new approaches,

– your dream is:


– still believe in what motivates you to get up every day.

What do we do?

Through online classes, we’ll cover everything essential you need to know about artificial intelligence. We deepen our understanding through creative tasks using gamification methods. If you get stuck on anything, consultation opportunities are available for you to ask questions.

The course’s output requirements can be met through a gamification method, which makes the learning process fun and enjoyable while allowing educators to familiarize themselves with a new method.


The aim of teacher training is:
– Understanding AI-based Educational Technologies: teachers will learn the principles, functions and potential applications of AI in education. This includes learning about and using different AI platforms and tools such as ChatGPT, Leonardo, Bard and others.
– Critical Thinking and Decision Making Development.
– Practical Skills in the Application of AI: Teachers will be able to acquire practical skills in the application of AI, such as prompt writing, problem solving, and the effective use of AI platforms in the teaching and learning process.
– Developing competences and autonomy: The aim of the training is to support teachers in developing competences, attitudes and autonomy that will help them to adapt more effectively to the educational environment transformed by the AI.
– Preparing for Future Educational Trends and Challenges: The aim of the training is to prepare teachers for future educational trends and challenges, with a particular focus on the development of AI and its application in education. The training will address the changing roles of teachers and the opportunities for talent management brought about by AI.

Course structure:
– Theoretical modules (17 hours): participants can learn the theoretical basics online or in a face-to-face format. This part is taught or online
– This part covers the basics of AI, its application in education, pedagogical methodology and ethical aspects. Participants will be introduced to the educational potential of AI, including optimisation of learning processes, differentiation and enrichment of the learning experience.
– Practical modules (43 hours): The main focus of the course is on practical application and individual project work, allowing participants to deepen their knowledge at their own pace with personalised support. During the practical part, participants will work with different AI applications to create projects and assignments that can be applied in a real educational environment.

Detailed topics for teacher training:

    1. What do I know?
    2. What is Artificial Intelligence?
    3. Text Generator Applications
    4. Image Generators
    5. Other AI Applications Usable in Education
    6. Does technology lead to loss of skills? If not, what and how should we develop? How to assign meaningful tasks?
    7. Analysis of Projects and Lesson Plans
    8. My own project, lesson plan
    9. The Role of AI in Talent Management
    10. AI and Career Guidance. Emerging and Disappearing Professions. What can we expect?
    11. Changed Assessment Opportunities Related to AI. What if students cheat?
    12. Dangers of AI. Why will critical thinking and self-awareness become more important than ever?
    13. Course Summary

At the end of the course:
By applying the above knowledge, teachers should be able to integrate these tools into their teaching methods.

  • Prompt Writing and Communication Skills.
  • Practical Applications and Project Design: teachers should be able to analyse, evaluate, design and implement practical projects, lesson plans and lesson plans using AI, demonstrating the integration of AI into the curriculum and learning processes.
  • Understanding and applying areas for development: participants should understand how to develop students’ competences, attitudes, autonomy and talents through the use of MI and apply this knowledge in practical teaching activities.

We are looking for teachers from the following types of institutions:

  • primary school
  • secondary school
  • secondary schools
  • grammar school, secondary school, vocational school
  • college

Application requirements for teacher training:

Any teacher qualification

Any professional experience required to apply for a teacher training course:
3 years of professional experience


The remaining hours required to complete the course will be self-paced, self-paced practice, immersion, and problem solving.

Deadline: .

During the course, we will provide assistance in the form of a question and answer session to help with any stuck points.

Adult education registration number: B/2024/000064
Foundation licence number: A/1/2024
Founder’s name: Andrea Molnárné Dr. László
Date of validity of the authorisation: 12.01.2029.
Is the training linked to a specific framework or local curriculum? No