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Symphony between Human and AI Educators

In the 21st century, the paradigm of education is undergoing a dynamic transformation, driven in part by the digital shift necessitated by the pandemic and in part by the rapid advancement of information technology. Online education, initially a temporary solution, has now secured a permanent role in our educational infrastructure, heralding the rise of what is being termed “masterful intelligence.” This paradigm shift is not merely about digitizing traditional learning processes; it’s about fundamentally redefining what it means to learn and teach in an interconnected world.

Ethical dimensions of artificial intelligence

The article from ICT Global explores the ethical dimensions of artificial intelligence (AI), discussing the complex web of ethical questions that arise as AI becomes more advanced and integrated into daily life. It emphasizes the need for careful consideration of the moral implications of our inventions, examining the potential for societal development AI offers, alongside the ethical challenges it presents….

AI in Education (Erasmus Offline Course)

Our course is designed for teachers seeking to integrate cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies into their teaching practices. This comprehensive program is meticulously crafted to equip educators with the skills and knowledge required to harness the power of AI in the classroom, transforming the way they teach and students learn. BUY TICKETS!

How to integrate AI into education?

Whether you’re a teacher eager to integrate AI in your classroom, or simply someone curious about the latest educational innovations and seeking fresh insights, this webinar is an ideal opportunity for you to delve deeper and join us in exploring the future of education. BUY TICKETS!