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Who helps you?

I started my career as a Russian-French language teacher, but life presented new challenges, prompting me to retrain as a teacher of English. I have worked in various types of schools and educational systems, ranging from elementary schools to universities, from public to adult education, and from formal to non-formal settings. The diversity of children, parents, and colleagues created new challenges, leading me to encounter situations over the years that inspired me to try my hand at being a trainer and coach as well. It is very important to me to maintain my pedagogical belief – “Be the kind of person you want your son to be” (Deák Ferenc) – both as a teacher and as a private individual. I believe that our continuous development, the expansion of our professional-methodological toolkit, and the achievement of higher levels of self-knowledge will undoubtedly make our human relationships more valuable and meaningful, elevate the quality of our work, and make our results exemplary. The advent of new technology has not bypassed me either; I first explored the possibilities offered by artificial intelligence in English language teaching.

Berényi Irén

I am a highly skilled and enthusiastic English and Russian teacher who is well-motivated and constantly seeks to follow new trends in the field of language education. My passion for creativity and innovation in teaching methods sets me apart as a teacher who always seeks to engage and inspire my students. With my unique blend of linguistic expertise and pedagogical knowledge, I am a valuable asset to any educational institution or language-learning community. In addition to my focus on language education, I am also highly committed to improving skills beyond language acquisition. I strongly believe in the value of using language coaching methods to help my students improve in areas that are important for success in the labor market. By focusing on skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and effective communication, I aim to equip my students with the tools they need to succeed in their future careers. This approach to language education allows me to provide a more holistic and comprehensive learning experience for my students. I am constantly seeking new and innovative ways to help my students develop not only their language abilities but also the essential skills needed to thrive in today’s competitive job market.

Molnárné Dr. László Andrea PhD.