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Transforming Education Through AI

We are an innovative, supportive, and dedicated brand, committed to empowering educators to integrate AI into their teaching practices. We aim to inspire confidence in our ability to navigate the future of AI in education.


To empower educators with the ability to adapt to the evolving technological landscape by integrating AI into their teaching practices, thereby fostering an education system that is in sync with the technology-driven world.


To be the go-to resource for educators worldwide looking to integrate AI into their teaching practices and to continually evolve our offerings to stay at the forefront of educational technology.


We believe in the transformative power of AI in education and that by equipping educators with the right tools and resources, we can transform the way students learn and prepare them for a future driven by AI.

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Methodological books for teaching & learning English in English and Hungarian.

For students: The book to help you prepare for the English language exam using artificial intelligence, with exercises, ideas, exam strategies, apps and prompts.

For teachers: The book provides language teachers with inspiration on the possibilities of incorporating artificial intelligence in language teaching, with methodologies, lesson plans and applications.

Joining the Mynovamind AI Club is a gateway to the forefront of educational innovation. It’s where forward-thinking educators and students converge to explore the transformative power of AI in teaching and learning. Engage in groundbreaking projects, from AI-driven language learning to pioneering space research, and participate in specialized webinars and collaborative workshops. Our club is not just a community – it’s an incubator for future-ready skills, a platform for professional development, and a place to shape the educational paradigms of tomorrow.

The course “Step Into the World of AI” promises to lead participants into the enticing world of artificial intelligence, covering the basics of AI and familiarizing them with text and image generators — tools at the forefront of future technologies. Over the 30-hour program, it balances the transfer of lexical knowledge with skill development and culminates in engaging, practical tasks that deepen the newly acquired knowledge.

Upon successful completion, participants receive a numbered certificate from the national adult education registry, FAR, and the course is conducted in collaboration with the MyNovaMind professional team. The course not only imparts knowledge but also provides an enjoyable and inspiring environment to unravel the mysteries of AI in a fun and interactive manner. It’s a valuable investment for enhancing your professional skills and everyday life.

Additionally, the course is designed to accommodate personal pacing, allowing you to progress at your own speed, and you can request assistance at any time, ensuring a learning experience that adapts to your individual needs and schedule.

Educational Workshops for Underprivileged Schools: Conduct free workshops where your AI tools and methodologies are shared, providing teachers with the skills to implement AI in their classrooms.

AI Literacy Programs: Offer courses for students and educators to increase their understanding and use of AI, fostering future readiness.

To access our pro bono services, applicants must submit a request and provide proof of necessity. This ensures that our resources are allocated to those most in need, allowing us to support and empower communities through our commitment to educational advancement with AI.

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